Put me in front of a group of people and I'm at home. As a past Toastmaster president and award winning speaker, I've developed a passion for public speaking. Acting, magic, comedy and poetry reading have all played a part in developing my speaking skills.
www.UofHK.com is a motivational speaking series designed for businesses, corporations and other groups that teaches how to survive the University of Hard Knocks. It doesn't matter if we have a college degree from an ivy leage university, a community college or we didn't even graduate high school, the fact is we all go through the University of Hard Knocks. Where we experience life's toughest situations that often knock us out or destroy our lives. But there's always hope and greater happiness if you know how to fight life. It's taught by me, the Summa Cum Laude graduate who's now the Dean of U of HK. Coming soon.
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