Zyxorange The Body Writer

if what doesn’t kill you
only makes you stronger
then I can bench press the world
my strength knows no bounds
though my body may appear frail
inside I am built like a god
from the destruction of dreams
the tragedies of wars with
friends, family and enemies
dysfunction runs through my vein
and feeds my mental muscles
addiction is my personal trainer
I have lived a life on a diet
of grief, drama and trauma
the free weights that i use
are not free but were paid by
mental, physical and sexual abuse
now I hold the title of
world’s strongest person and
as I carry the world upon my shoulders
i am weak but I will never break
battle worn but never, ever beaten
sometimes scared but always fearless
i am mightier than the me you see
and each day I will exercise those beliefs


I've been writing poetry ever since I was a kid. Writing poetry to me is like breathing, I find it incredibly natural and easy to do. I believe poetry has gone out of fashion but will one day come marching triumphantly back into the literature arena. I want to be instrumental in making that happen. My book of poetry called "An American Poet" is scheduled to release the early part of 2013.
www.AnAmericanPoet.com is my poetry blog where I post some of my poems. My logo, the Zyxorange (picture above), which I created and use as a trademark in all my creative projects, is from my poem titled Zyxorange; The Symbol of Me. You can find it and other poems and my video poetry at www.AnAmericanPoet.com I am also a poet-for-hire so if you need someone to write a poem for a special occasion or read poetry at an event, I'm your man.
www.TheBodyWriter.com is a creative project where I use people's body as "pages" to write my poetry. Nothing captures the attention more then a barely clad bod, especially when it's totally unexpected. I then take my poem and "page" to different venues like coffee houses, open mics and poetry readings and I put on a poetry vinette. My Body Writer poetry readings are unlike any you've ever experienced. It's poetry and theater mixed with a little burlesque, comedy and motivation to make one amazing element of entertainment. Take a look at www.TheBodyWriter.com and please read the entire back story of my first "page". You'll see it's more then just poetry, it's also healing and helping those who are my "''pages". Because I stretch myself in a million different directions, I haven't be able to dedicate as much time to The Body Writer creative project as I'd like but I am always writing poetry and always looking to do more readings. If you would like to become a "page" in my The Body Writer book please contact me.
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