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When it comes to creativity expressed in an artistic manner, I use a wide variety of venues to release those inhibitions that range from pen to posing like a statue. Right now I'm creating all kinds of unique pieces that I will be showcasing in different art shows in the area. I don't have any actual "pieces" on display yet, but they're waiting to be photographed and put online. Also, I'm looking for artists who would like to have their art and website linked to my homepage in exchange for drawing/painting/sculpting my portrait. Contact me if you're interested. is where I use the human body to create live artistic pieces known as "live statues". is part creativity and part activism. It's a place for those who believe that true art requires unique talent and it's not a piece of bent metal or colored squares. is the what happens when you take an extremely creative person with a passion for art and literature but who lacks fine art skills. (Coming soon.)
I'm also currently working on several other artistic creative projects that will soon be released, so keep checking back!
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