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I am all about standing up for what you believe in. I've protested against retail businesses being open on Thanksgiving by standing in front of a chain discount store dressed like a green "greed" monster. I've protested against the high cost of gasoline by standing in front of a gas station with a sign that said, "Will work for gasoline." Each one man protest was aired on the local news. If I feel there's a need to speak out in favor or against something, I will do it fearlessly and with all my convictions. is a Meetup group I started for those who want to live a lifestyle free from Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco. I’ve seen the horrific affects DAT has on people. I watched friends go to prison because of Drugs, siblings destroy their lives with Alcohol, and relatives die from smoking Tobacco. DAT DESTROYS!!! That is why I’ve created the DAT Free, that’s ME! Meetup group. I want to show people that you can have a fun, memorable and an exciting time without drinking, smoking or doing drugs.
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